Timber Wolf, Lake Superior, Ontario

A lone timber wolf greets
paddlers along the north shore
of Lake Superior, Canada
(Photo by Michael Neiger)


Great things are done
when men
and mountains meet.
  -- William Blake
  Great Things are Done,
cicra 1807


Now for our
mountain sport:
up to yon hill!
  -- William Shakespeare

The Rucksack Masthead
By Michael A. Neiger, Marquette, Michigan
Wilderness tripper: backpacking, winter camping, swift-water canoeing
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Locking carabiner
(or 'biner') and
rescue pulley used
for caving, climbing,
and z-drag rescue rigs on
wild rivers
(Photo by Michael Neiger)


Bush skills

By Michael A. Neiger
Copyright 2001

Last updated on March 16, 2005

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** Recommended


American Alpine Club

Climbing Magazine

GORP--Adventure Travel

   Select "activities"

The Mountaineers

Rock Climbing and Equipment Techniques

Rock 'N Road--Rock Climbing Areas of North America

Virtualinks Rock Climbing Information Site

Yahoo's Climbing Directory
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***Highly Recommended

All About Mountains and Mountaineering, by Anne T. White (Random House, 1962)

All Action Climbing, Steve Ashton (Lerner, 1993)

Alpine Climbing, John Barry (Cloudcap Press, 1988)

Basic Essentials of Climbing Ice, by John McMullen (ICS Books, Inc., 1992)

Basic Essentials of Mountaineering, by John Moynier (ICS Books, Inc., 1991)

Basic Essentials of Rock Climbing, by Mike Strassman (ICS Books, Inc., 1989)

Basic Mountaineering, edited by Henry Mandolf (Sierra Club, 1956)

Basic Rock Climbing, by R.C. Aleth (Scribner, 1975)

Basic Rockcraft, by Royal Robbins (La Siesta, 1971)

Big Walls--How to Rock Climb, by John Long and John Middendorf (Chockstone Press, 1994)

Bouldering and Outcrop Climbing, by Tom Lyman (Greene, 1978)

Climber's Bible, by Robin Shaw (Doubleday, 1983)

Climber's Handbook--Rock, Ice, Alpine, Expeditions, by Ron Fawcett, Jeff Lowe, Paul Nunn, and Alan Rouse (Sierra Club, 1987)

Climber's Sourcebook, by Anne Schneider and Steve Schneider (Doubleday, 1976)

Climbing (Boy Scouts of America, 1999)

Climbing--A Guide to Mountaineering, by Raymond Bridge (Scribner, 1977)

Climbing Anchors--How to Rock Climb, by John Long (Chockstone Press, 1992)

Climbing Ice, by Yvon Chouinard (Sierra Club Books, 1978)

Climbing Rock and Ice--Learning the Vertical Dance, Jerry Cinnamon (Ragged Mountain Press, 1994)

Complete Beginner's Guide to Mountain Climbing, by Howard E. Smith (Doubleday, 1977)

Complete Cross-Country Skiing, Mountaineering, and Backpacking Guide, by Eastern Mountain Sports (Tobey Pub., Co., 1973)

Field Book of Mountaineering and Rock Climbing, by Tom Lyman and Bill Riviere (Winchester Press, 1978)

Fundamentals of Rock Climbing, by Advanced Rock Climbing Committee (MIT Outing Club, 1968)

Glaciers, by Michael Hambrey and Jurg Alean (Cambridge University Press, 1992)

Glaciers of North America, by Sue Ferguson (Fulcrum Publishing, 1992)

Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue, by Andy Selters (The Mountaineers, 1990)

Handbook of American Mountaineering, by Kenneth Henderson (Houghton Mifflin, 1942)

Handbook of Climbing, by Allen Fyffe and Iain Peter (Pelham books, 1990)

High Mountain Challenge--A Guide for Young Mountaineers, by Linda B. Allen (AMC Books, 1989)

Hiking and Climbing, Jeremy Evans (Crestwood House, 1992)

Hiking, Camping, and Mountaineering, by Roland C. Geist (Harper and Brothers)

How to Rock Climb, 3rd edition, by John Long (Chockstone Press, 1998)

Ice Experience, by Jeff Lowe (Contemporary Books, 1979)

Ice--Tools and Techniques, by Duane Raleigh (1995)

Ice World--Techniques and Experiences of Modern of Ice Climbing, by Jeff Lowe (The Mountaineers, 1996)

Learning to Rock Climb, by Michael Loughman (Sierra Club Books, 1981)

Manual of Ski Mountaineering, by David Brower (Sierra Club)

Military Mountaineering (TC 90-6-1), by U.S. Department of the Army (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1976)

Manual of Ski Mountaineering, by the National Ski Patrol Association (Universtiy of California)

Modern Alpine Climbing, Equipment, and Techniques, by Pit Schubert (Cicerone Press, 1991)

Modern Rock Climbing--Beyond the Basics, by Todd Skinner and John McMullen (ICS Books, Inc., 1993)

Modern Rope Techniques for Mountaineering, by Bill March (Cicerone Press, 1976)

Modern Snow and Ice Techniques, by Bill March (Cicerone Press, 1984)

More Climbing Anchors--How to Rock Climb, by John Long and Bob Gaines (Chockstone Press, 1996)

Mountain Camping, by Michael Riley (Contemporary, 1979)

Mountain Climbing, by Jim Hargrove and S. A. Johnson (Lerner, 1983)

Mountain Rescue Techniques, by Wastl Mariner (Mountaineers, 1968)

Mountain Search and Rescue Techniques, by W. G. May (Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, 1973)

Mountaineering, by Alan Blackshaw (Penguin)

Mountaineering Handbook, by Curtis Casewit and Dick Pownall (Lippincott, 1968)

*** Mountaineering--The Freedom of the Hills, edited by Don Graydon and Kurt Hanson (Mountianeers Books, 1997). This text is considered by many to be the "climber's bible."

National Outdoor Leadership's School's Official Wilderness Guide, by Peter Simon and John Sullivan (Simon and Schuster, 1983)

New Wilderness Handbook, by Paul Petzoldt (Norton, 1984)

NOLS Wilderness Mountaineering, by Phil Powers (Stackpole Books, 1993)

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Winter Mountaineering (Colorado Mountain Club, 1963)




Adventure Caving--A Practical Guide for Advanced and Beginning Cavers, by David R. McClurg (D&J Press, 1998)

Amateur's Guide to Caves and Caving, by David McClurg (Stackpole, 1973)

American Caves and Caving--Techniques, Pleasures, and Safeguards of Modern Cave Exploration (Harper & Row, 1976)

Basic Cave Diving--A Blueprint for Survival, by Sheck Exley (National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section, 1980)

Cave Exploring, by Jennifer Anderson (Association Press, 1974)

Cave Research Personnel Manual, edited by John P. Freeman (Cave Research Foundation, 1975)

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Caving (Boy Scouts of America, 1985)

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Caving Basics, 3rd edition, by Jerry Hassemer (National Speleological Society, 1982)

Caving Practice and Equipment, edited by David Judson (Menasha Ridge Press, 1995)

**Caving--The Sierra Club Guide to Spelunking, by Lane Larson and Peggy Larson (Sierra Club Books, 1982)

Complete Book of Cave Exploration, by Roy Pinney (Coward-McCann, 1962)

Complete Caving Manual, by Andy Sparrow (Crowood Press, 1997)

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Science of Speleology, edited by R.D. Ford and C. H. D. Cullingford (Academic Press, 1976)

Single Rope Techniques, by Neil R. Montgomery (The Sydney Speleological Society, 1977)

Speleology--The Study of Caves, by George W. Moore and G. Nicholas Sullivan (Zephyrus Press, 1978)



Book of Climbing Knots, Peter Owen (Globe Pequot Press, 2000)

Climbing Knots for Lefties and Righties, by Michael S. Noonan (Globe Pequot Press, 1997) This is a very thorough and well-illustrated book.

CMC Rope Rescue, edited by James A. Frank (CMC Rescue, Inc., 1998) This oversized text addresses rope rescue in a number of different wilderness settings.

Confined Space and Structural Rope Rescue, by Michael Roop, Thomas Vines, and Richard Wright (Mosby Year Book, 1998) This oversized text addresses how to conduct rope rescues in challenging situations, particularly confined spaces.

Engineering Practical Rope Rescue Systems, by Michael G. Brown (Delmar, 2000) This oversized text covers all aspects of rope rescue.

How to Climb--Knots for Climbers, by Craig Luebben (Falcon Publishing, Inc., 2000)

Knots and Ropes for Climbers, by Duane Raleigh (Stackpole Books, 1998). An excellent guide to 19 fundamental, climbing-oriented knots. Also includes an excellent discussion of several unsafe knots as well as ways knots can be improperly tied.

Knots for Climbers, by Craig Luebben (Globe Pequot Press, 2001)

Knots for Mountaineering, by Phil D. Smith (1959)

On Rope--North American Vertical Rope Techniques, 2nd edition, by Bruce Smith and Allen Padgett (National Speleological Society, 1996). This very-detailed, oversize text covers the rope skills needed descending and ascending vertically in wilderness situations such as caving, rope rescue, climbing, river rescue, etc.

Ropes, Knots, and Slings for Climbers, revised edition, by Walt Wheelock (La Siesta Press, 1991)





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In God's wilderness lies the hope of the world,
the great, fresh, unblighted, unredeemed wilderness.
— John Muir 1838-1914, Alaska Wilderness, 1890

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