Timber Wolf, Lake Superior, Ontario

A lone timber wolf greets
paddlers along the north shore
of Lake Superior, Canada
(Photo by Michael Neiger)

He travels safest
in the dark night
who travels lightest.
   -- Hernando Cortez
  Conquest of Mexico


Our life is
frittered away
by detail...
  -- Henry D. Thoreau
  Where I Lived, 1854



The Rucksack Masthead
By Michael A. Neiger (aka: LandNavMan), Marquette, Michigan
Wilderness tripper: backpacking, winter camping, swift-water canoeing
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Beyond Backpacking Book

"Beyond Backpacking--
Ray Jardines Guide to
Lightweight Hiking"



By Michael A. Neiger
Copyright 2002

Last updated on November 15, 2007

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   Ultralight backpacking
      articles in Backpacker Magazine

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** Recommended


Adventure Alan

Andy's Lightweight Backpacking Site

Backpacking Light--The Journal of Lightweight Hiking and Backcountry Travel

Backpacker's Ultralight Backpacking Center

Backpacking Lightweight

BikerDave's Home Buyers Guide
   A very useful comparison of ultra-light tents,
   tarps, bivys, bags, & hammocks.
   According to Dave himself, "A guide to
   the outdoor home for ultralight style backpackers.
   Lists specifications (and links to reviews)
   for ultra-lightweight... tents; tarptents;
   pyramids & formed tarps; basic tarps;
   hammocks & camping hammocks;
   bivy sacks; sleeping bags; and backpacks."

Centerwalk--Ultralight Backpacking

Chris Townsend's page

Day Hiker

Glenn's Ultralight Backpacking

Great Lakes Lightweight Backpacker

Hiking Central

Joe's Ultralight Backpacking

John O's Ultralight Backpacking Page

JuggleButton's World Home Page

Ken Knight's Ultralight Backpacking Way

Kuffel Creek Press
   Free download of Lightweight Backpacking--The Importance of Good Form

LaRock's Backpack

LED Information

Light Weight Backpacking

Long Summer's Walk by Ron Mouk

Michael's Ultralight Backpacking Page

Onestep's Ultralight Backpacking Resource

Ray Jardine's Adventure Page


Sgt Rock's Hiking H.Q.

Super Shioshio's room

The Dirtbagger's Deluxe

Thru-Hiker--Gear and Resources for Long Distance Hikers

Tornado's Ultralight Backpacking

Ultralight Backpacking


Yellowstone Backpacking Journal

Additional ultralight backpacking links

Great Lakes Lightweight Backpacker
   Select "connections"

Onestep's Ultralight Backpacking Links

The Dirtbagger's Deluxe
   Select "links"

Yahoo's UltraLight Backpacking page



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"Ultralight Made Easy."
December 2002, p. 11,
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August 2001, pp. 44-50,
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"Have Pith Helmet, Will Travel," by Michele J. Morris.
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"Lose Weight! I Did!" by Jim Gorman.
February 1998, pp. 56-64,
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"What's the Hurry?" by John Fayhee.
September 1996, pp. 90-95,
"Less is More," by Kristin Hostetter.
April 1994, pp. 75(?)-80,
"Less is More," by Mark Jenkins.



**Beyond Backpacking--Ray Jardine's Guide to Lightweight Hiking, by Ray Jardine (AdventureLore Press, 2000)

Lightweight Backpacking--The Importance of Good Form, by Kevin Hauser (1999)

Long-Distance Hiking--Lessons From the Appalachian Trail, by Roland Mueser (McGraw-Hill, 1998)

**Pacific Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook--Innovative Techniques and Trail Tested Instruction for the Long Distance Hiker, by Ray Jardine (AdventureLore Press, 1996)

Powerpacking--Principles of Lightweight Long Distance Backpacking, second edition, by Tom Ridley (1997)

Ultralight Backpacker--The Complete Guide to Simplicity and Comfort on the Trail, by Ryel Kestenbaum (Ragged Mountain Press, 2001)



AntiGravityGear LLC
   Ultralight accessories

Austin's Tyvek
   Austin Carpenter sells Tyvek by the foot

Equinox, Ltd.
   Select "products" and then "ultra light packing"


GVP Gear

   Hammocks for backpacking, etc.

Hennessy Hammocks

Hike 'n Light

Integral Designs
Sil tarps

Light Is Right Outdoor Equipment

Lightweight Gear Shop

LW Gear

Moonbow Gear

Only the Lightest Camping Equipment


Paddy's Gear

Stephenson's Warmlight


Ultralight Adventure Equipment

Wanderlust Outdoor Gear


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In God's wilderness lies the hope of the world,
the great, fresh, unblighted, unredeemed wilderness.
— John Muir 1838-1914, Alaska Wilderness, 1890

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