Timber Wolf, Lake Superior, Ontario

A lone timber wolf greets
paddlers along the north shore
of Lake Superior, Canada
(Photo by Michael Neiger)


[goes] back
six thousand years.
  --Osgood & Hurley
  The Snowshoe Book,


No snowflake
in an avalanche
feels responsible.
  --Stanislaw Jerzy Lee
  More Unkempt


the mountains and
get their good tidings.
Nature's peace
will flow into you
like sunshine flows
into the trees.
The winds
will blow
their own freshness
into you
and the storms
their energy
while cares
will drop off
like autumn leaves.
  --John Muir


The mountains
can be reached
in all seasons.
They offer
a fighting challenge
to heart,
and mind,
both in summer
and winter.

If throughout time
the youth
of the nation
the challenge
the mountains offer,
they will keep alive
in our people
the spirit of adventure.

That spirit
is a measure
of the vitality
of both nations
and men.

A people
who climb the ridges
and sleep
under the stars in
high mountain meadows,
who enter
the forest
and scale peaks,
who explore glaciers
and walk ridges
buried deep in snow--
these people
will give
their country
some of the
indomitable spirit
of the mountains.
  --William O. Douglass


The Rucksack Masthead
By Michael A. Neiger (aka: LandNavMan), Marquette, Michigan
Wilderness tripper: backpacking, winter camping, swift-water canoeing
Web site URL: http://therucksack.tripod.com • E-mail: mneiger@hotmail.com
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Michael Neiger
laces up
his snowshoes
for a deep-snow trek
in the Agawa Canyon,
Ontario, Canada
(Photo by Dave Ide)



By Michael A. Neiger
Copyright 2001

Last updated on February 22, 2009

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** Snowshoe Book, 3rd edition, by William Osgood and Leslie Hurley (The Stephen Greene Press, 1983)

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In God's wilderness lies the hope of the world,
the great, fresh, unblighted, unredeemed wilderness.
— John Muir 1838-1914, Alaska Wilderness, 1890

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