Timber Wolf, Lake Superior, Ontario

A lone timber wolf greets
paddlers along the north shore
of Lake Superior, Canada
(Photo by Michael Neiger)

The Rucksack Masthead
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Helo Rescue

A U.S. Coast Guard unit
performs a helo rescue
(Photo by Michael Neiger)

Bush skills

By Michael A. Neiger
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   Search and rescue

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** Recommended





Mountain Rescue Association

National Association for Search and Rescue




American Canoe Association's River Safety Anthology--Accounts of Rescue and Tragedy on North American Rivers, by Charlie Walbridge and Jody Tinsley (Menasha Ridge Press, 1996)

Canoeing Safety and Rescue--A Handbook of Safety and Rescue Procedures for Lake and River Canoeists, by Doug McKown (Rocky Mountain Books, 1992)

CMC Rope Rescue, edited by James A. Frank (CMC Rescue, Inc., 1998) This oversized text addresses rope rescue in a number of different wilderness settings.

Confined Space and Structural Rope Rescue, by Michael Roop, Thomas Vines, and Richard Wright (Mosby Year Book, 1998) This oversized text addresses how to conduct rope rescues in challenging situations, particularly confined spaces.

Drownproofing Techniques, by Reagh C. Wetmore (Greene, 1981)

Engineering Practical Rope Rescue Systems, by Michael G. Brown (Delmar, 2000) This oversized text covers all aspects of rope rescue.

ESAR--Team Member and Team Leader Training Manual, by John Wartes, Jim Granger, and Bill Rengsgtorf (Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America)

Lifesaving (Boy Scouts of America, 1980)

Lifesaving--Rescue and Water Safety (American Red Cross)

Mountain Search for the Lost Victim, by Dennis Kelley (Search and Rescue, 1973)

Mountain Rescue Techniques, by Wastl Mariner (Mountaineers, 1968)

Mountain Search and Rescue Techniques, by W. G. May (Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, 1973)

Rescue From the Backcountry--The Basic Essentails Of, by Buck Tilton (ICS Books, 1991)

River Rescue, 2nd Edition, by Les Bechdel and Slim Ray (Appalachian Mountain Club Books, 1989)

Search and Rescue--The Team and the Missions, by Margaret Poynter (Atheneum, 1980)

Self Rescue--How to Rock Climb, by Jeff Fasulo (Chockstone Press, 1996)

Whitewater Rescue Manual, by Charles Walbridge and Wayne Sundmacher (Ragged Mountain Press, 1995)

Wilderness Search and Rescue, by Tim Setnica (Appalachian Mountain Club, 1980)





**Rescue Source


Search Equipment Co.

**Search Gear

Urban H.A.R.T



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In God's wilderness lies the hope of the world,
the great, fresh, unblighted, unredeemed wilderness.
— John Muir 1838-1914, Alaska Wilderness, 1890

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